Counseling And Therapy For Relationships & Individuals

I offer counseling and therapy for relationships, couples and individuals who want to understand and respond differently to problems they face. When you face difficult times, relationship struggles or grief, a therapist must make a solid connection with you to provide a helpful influence.

Success can be measured by how you choose to think, feel and take action differently — now and in the future.

Commitments To Your Counseling And Therapy

• I seek to develop an accurate picture about you, understand the problems you present and effectively address them with you. I ask questions about your life experience, background, and get a picture of how you affect others.

• I will take care to speak with you truthfully and simply. This counseling or therapy connection (as an individual or couples client) is designed to help you understand your feelings, stimulate your thinking, and see your progress clearly.

• Ultimately, it’s our relationship that produces the most lasting results and change from counseling and therapy (validated by numerous studies.) I believe in the collaborative alliance. This means working towards your goals, built on direct, honest messages.

• I provide counseling and psychotherapy to equal percentages of men and women, and welcome the greatest possible diversity of clients into my Seattle, WA office. Diversity includes racial, cultural, sexual and gender identities, and a wide range of committed relationship “types”.

• Erotic and sexual diversity is typically a focus of how I understand your sense of self, and how desire and commitment are helping you to develop and mature. I am Kink-Knowledgeable.

• We may develop a longer or shorter-term relationship, working continuously or intermittently – whatever your best judgement decides. With clients I have seen at various times, the issues become more understandable and reflect steady development.

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Feel free to call or use my Contact page to make an appointment, discuss counseling and therapy, or other questions. You can find out more about my fees and office practice in my online Intake Form. When you submit the form, I will try to reach you by phone within six (6) business hours.


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Reviews (re-printed with permission):

“We are engaged … and are planning to get married next July!  This is largely due to our time with you, and you helping provide the foundation and tools to better communicate. We are so thankful for the time we had with you.”

“…I came to you with various issues that all seemed to have an underlying theme. In our sessions, we discussed various opportunities for improvement in my ability to communicate and to channel my higher level of anxiety. The single most profound bit of wisdom you provided was that I need to start accepting who I am as a person. I am fallible, as is the rest of humanity. I thought about this single phrase on a daily basis for months/years. I still think about it.”

This was the first therapist I’ve ever gone to, in 2011. My partner and I saw Mr. Odell. He was very professional and obviously well-trained. He encouraged me to challenge my assumptions and perceptions about my relationship.  After seeing him for about a year, I married the person I was in a relationship with and we now have a solid marriage with a deepening connection year after year.

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