The Kink Health Survey

It’s an honor (and a true professional learning experience) serving on the development team for the International Kink Health Survey (IHKS), to be released later this year. The sponsoring organization, TASHRA (The Alternative Sexuality Health Research Alliance) produced the first …

Affordable Mental Health Care: The ACA In My Office

I start with an overview about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and then shift to seeing it at the level of an solo private mental health practitioner in Seattle.

Change Happened

Over the last six years, the Affordable Care Act

Kink Aware (Knowledgeable-Competent-Friendly)

Kink Aware (Knowledgeable-Competent-Friendly)

I include the designation “Kink Aware (Knowledgeable, Competent & Friendly)” on my home page, support the National Center for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and its Kink Aware Professionals directory. The colloquial term ‘kink’, and the adjective ‘kinky’, refers …