Narratives, Part 6

I’ve been mapping out how erotic templates build into erotic narratives in relationships for a long time. One way to start is looking at narratives connected to erotic arousal. Before reviewing some better known erotic narratives, it helps to ask: …

Relationship & Couples Therapy: BDSM Likely A Mainstream/Majority Practice

Is BDSM becoming a mainstream/majority practice? Thanks to Dr. Justin Lehmiller for his blog article, which supports the idea of a convergence or merger into a new hybrid of sexual behavior.


Monogamous, Monogamish, Poly

I’ve previously addressed the idea …

Kink Aware (Knowledgeable-Competent-Friendly)

Kink Aware (Knowledgeable-Competent-Friendly)

I include the designation “Kink Aware (Knowledgeable, Competent & Friendly)” on my home page, support the National Center for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and its Kink Aware Professionals directory. The colloquial term ‘kink’, and the adjective ‘kinky’, refers …